Explain this invite discount tier thing again?

We have two discount tiers: 5% and 10%. To stay on the 10% tier you need to have introduced at least two active customers to the network. Normally you would have to introduce one active customer to be on the 5% tier, but you automatically get the 5% tier for the first three months. The same goes for new friends your introduce – they get the 5% tier when they start. To get to 10% tier and stay there, just introduce two active customers. We’re happy to talk you through this if it’s a bit confusing…

  • 1x intro = 5% discount tier
  • 2x intro = 10% discount tier
  • The first 3 months are special: you move up one tier automatically

What if I order a 2nd service, do I get the 10% discount?

Discount tiers are per account. If you are on the 5% tier and you order 2 services under your account, both services will be billed at your 5% discount tier. You only upgrade to a better tier after you invite enough active customers.

Ok, sounds easy enough, how do I join and how do I invite friends?

For now it’s all manual, so talk to us and make sure we know your friends details.

What about Fibre coverage?

We offer services on these networks:

  • Octotel
  • Frogfoot

We will work on joining more networks soon. To check which fibre network covers your area, visit our fibre internet coverage page.

Why the Atomic name?

We like the idea that everything should be an “atomic transaction” and complete in under 150ms. Goes back to our idea that everything needs an API, to be open, scalable and fast.

Where can I learn more?

If you are reading this, you probably know one of the founders, please email us. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our blog.