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We’re a fiercely independent Fibre ISP based in Cape Town and we’re on a mission to make fibre internet Epic!

Join Atomic Access

We’re a fiercely independent Fibre ISP based in Cape Town and we’re making fibre internet epic!


We’ve done things differently. We started our network because we were tired of not getting straight answers out of our old ISPs or the speeds we were paying for. Friends talk to each other, answer emails, respond to chat messages quickly and give straight answers. No BS.

Epic Fibre

Only Uncapped Deals. Unshaped, low contention ratio, super low latency, with plenty of spare capacity, both locally and internationally. We manage our own network: AS328266. Cape Town focused. Fully dual stack IPv4 and IPv6. 100% Fibre network. Finally, internet as it should be!

Fiercely Independent

We’re not a heartless corporate with all the traits you are used to. We are a group of passionate network engineers, designers, nerds and full stack developers building an independent medium-size ISP.

About our team

We are a bunch of nerds, full stack network engineers, designers and developers. We’ve been building IP networks for more than 20 years now. We love and support open source – we’re mostly Debian geeks. Calm is a superpower. We are a team of calm, technical, relentlessly resourceful, relentlessly optimistic, infinite learners.

“Work ethic, taste, integrity, curiosity – the rest you can learn.” — Matt Mullenweg

Open Positions

Customer Service and Operations

Posted: 1 March 2023

We’re looking for a new team member to assist with operations and support. Compensation is negotiable.


You need to live and around Cape Town, have transport and be keen to learn about the ISP industry and open networking – we run Debian on our routers and switches. You don’t need to come to an office, but we can arrange regular meetings. You will need a laptop. We can also give you free fibre internet at home.

Tasks / skills / interests:

* Debian & Proxmox
* Services like email, dns, dhcp, ipam, vpn, ipv6
* WiFi and FTTH / FTTB routers, ideally some OpenWRT, UniFi and Mikrotik experience
* Zoho CRM and Desk experience
* Experience in dealing with fibre networks: Octotel, Frogfoot, Vumatel & Openserve
* Happy to talk on the phone to customers

Attention to detail and high standards

Without typing up a long personality trait section, we are proud of the many 5-star reviews we get from happy customers. We have to keep this up, so we’re looking for a person with a solid work ethic and attention to detail. Read the About page on our website for more.

If you are interested, please email us and include some details about your related experience.


More than 33% of our customers joined because of word of mouth and reviews!


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40+ Reviews