Fibre for Friends

We’ve done things differently. We started our network because we were tired of not getting straight answers out of our old ISPs. Friends talk to each other, answer emails and chat messages quickly and give straight answers.

Superb Quality

Uncapped, unshaped, low contention ratio, super low latency, with plenty of spare capacity, both locally and internationally. Finally, internet as it should be. Experience Atomic quality internet!

We've Rebooted Fibre

We’ve built our network as a team of friends, and there’s nobody better to build the fastest and most efficient network. We are a group of passionate designers, nerds and full stack developers.

Our Ludicrous Home Fibre Prices

Warp10 🚀

R399per month for first 6 months
  • 10Mbps Download
  • 5Mbps Upload
  • Uncapped, Unshaped
  • Home Service on Octotel Network
  • See full details on pricing page

Warp200 🛸

R1,299per month
  • 200Mbps Download
  • 25Mbps Upload
  • Uncapped, Unshaped
  • Home Service on Octotel Network
  • See full details on pricing page

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Fibre internet in Cape Town

Internet Access Abundance

We believe that fibre internet should provide abundant access. All our services are uncapped. We've built a network that is all about quality, speed, low latency and great value.
Limitless access. Limitless entertainment.

Unmatched Bandwidth Quality

We don’t fiddle with your internet - our network is unshaped, has big pipes and we ensure we have connectivity to the biggest content providers in the world. This means quicker and better access to entertainment.

Don’t Get Fragged With Lag

Enjoy super low international latency for immersive online gaming.  Connect with family overseas with clear and sharp video or voice calls. 145ms ping from Cape Town to London.

Trouble-Free Wi-Fi

We’ve researched and tested wireless routers to make the most of your fibre, whether you’re a bachelor on a budget, or need multiple WiFi hotspots for your mansion we’ve got you covered. No need to regret choosing the wrong hardware.

Transparency and High Standards

We’ll answer our emails, respond on Twitter, and help where we can. Our policy is to have high standards in all aspects of our business, and treat our customers the way we would have liked to be treated at all times.

Very Competitive Pricing

Our fibre packages are designed to be the best value like-for-like connectivity options available in South Africa. Friends don't let friends get locked into long contracts with expensive exit clauses.

Proactive Communication & Support

We take a proactive approach to support, constantly monitoring our network for problems. We also help organise engineers to come to your location and troubleshoot any problems with our partner last mile networks.

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