How fibre coverage works

You need fibre coverage to get fibre internet.Fiber network operators (FNOs) provide the fibre coverage (not us).We work with several FNOs and offer internet over their networks.Currently we work with Octotel, Frogfoot, soon Vumatel and more.We can only fulfill orders for Cape Town Municipality Area currently.Use the map below to establish which FNO covers your area.

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Octotel Live

Octotel Under Construction

Octotel Planned

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Frogfoot Live

Frogfoot Under Construction

Frogfoot Planned

Frogfoot Orders Not Allowed


We are planning to join the Vuma network soon. We'll have a ludicrous special offer for our first Vumatel customers. If you want epic fibre and priority support from the Atomic founders on the Vumatel network, enter your email below and we will let you know first!

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Map key:

Vumatel Live

Vumatel Under Construction