Fibre Internet Specials

Hello beautiful nerds.

Atomic Access was founded in Cape Town in 2018 to provide premium fibre internet services.

We built Atomic, because like you, we care about great internet quality. Our mission is to make people smile. Our values include: hard work, dedication and passion. We always aim to be humble, pro-active and friendly. Excellent design, general high standards and attention to detail are very important to us.

About our team

We are a bunch of nerds, full stack network engineers, designers and developers. We’ve been building IP networks for more than 18 years now. We love and support open source – we’re mostly Debian geeks. Calm is a superpower. We are a team of calm, technical, relentlessly resourceful, relentlessly optimistic, infinite learners.

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Nicholas SoperCo-Founder / Commercial

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Warwick DuncanCo-Founder / Network

“Work ethic, taste, integrity, curiosity – the rest you can learn.” — Matt Mullenweg

About our Network

We build and manage our own network: AS328266. Our network is fully dual-stack with IPv4 and native IPv6 on all routers. We average around 140ms latency to London. We have extensive local peering links and most of our cross connects currently run at 10Gbps speeds. We have a strong focus on open standards and open networking. Our routers all provide deep buffers to eliminate micro burst.

What we're not

Atomic Access is not yet another big call-centre driven ISP. We built our own network and we care about the smallest details of how every packet gets routed. We are not just a marketing and support company. We don’t outsource. We like being in control of the full stack of services we provide. We’re small and humble and helpful. We’re not boring, we’re not lame, and we’re not greedy. We always think about what will make our customers smile.

How we are different

Atomic Access is different because it is a founder-run business. We don’t have employees – so everybody you will deal with at Atomic owns a part of the company. We’re small, we’re focused, we’re fibre-only, we’re Cape Town-only and we’re only offering services on independent open access fibre networks. Not having any legacy technology allows us to keep things very simple and lean, and lets us provide great service.

Some time ago now...

November 2017

Listened to Derek Sivers book “Anything You Want”. Figured it would be cool start a company. The Star Trek theme started as a bit of a nerdy joke, but we liked the idea of abundance through technology. Fibre internet is a rare environment where you get to play with things that are almost totally abundant.

December 2017

  • Did some hardware shopping
  • Installed first router hardware at Teraco

January 2018

  • Got our AS Number AS328266
  • Company registration

February 2018

  • Extended struggle to design a logo and brand we were happy with

March 2018

  • First Octotel FTTH customers
  • Brand 2.0 Launch

April 2018

  • Website launch
  • Connected 20 friends to our network

June 2018

  • Got our first IPv4 and IPv6 space

July 2018

August 2018

September 2018

October 2018

Join Atomic - we’re NEW, but that’s a good thing!

“The new needs friends.” — Anton Ego, Ratatouille (Watch the Youtube clip)

To all the MyBroadband cynics – thank you for reading this far. We are trying something new, and building it from scratch, while having lots of fun. Atomic has been profitable from day one, and we are proud of it. Being new is not a bad thing. Join Atomic, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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