Win a 5% discount tier on a new Atomic Home Fibre Service!

Terms and conditions apply*


βœ‹πŸΌ Galactic high five!

Atomic is the ISP most techies and gamers recommend to friends

We created a Telegram quiz bot to offer bit of a challenge to the more technically inclined future Atomic customers out there. If you successfully complete the quiz the bot will generate a discount code for you. It’s a bonus discount tier in our referral programme. You can get discounts up to 20% by inviting friends, read more here.

Why did we create the Quiz Bot?

  • It seemed like a fun project πŸ•ΉοΈ
  • We wanted to experiment with the idea of offering a discount to customers who are potentially easier to support because they have a good understanding of WiFi and Fibre troubleshooting concepts 🦾
  • We want to keep growing our customer community on Telegram πŸš€

What can you win?


You can win a 5% discount off a new Atomic Home Fibre Service. This is an ongoing monthly discount.

About the Atomic WiFi & Fibre Quiz

  • Questions are mostly about WiFi, Fibre and a bit of Sci-Fi
  • To pass you need to get 8 of 10 questions correct
  • You get 25 seconds to answer each question
  • The order of questions is randomised
  • There is currently a limit of 3 attempts
  • To prepare for the quiz you can review our technical guides
  • If you receive a discount code, you must enter the discount code in the β€œWho were you referred by?” field when placing your home fibre order on our website
  • You’ll need to have Telegram installed, on desktop or mobile phone
  • You may need to type ‘/start‘ to start the quiz

Ready to take the quiz?

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Terms and Conditions*

  • Cancelling your active Atomic service and signing up for a new Atomic service using a discount code is not permitted
  • The discount code is non-transferable and a code can only be used once
  • Note of caution: Our quiz bot will not ask you for payment or personal information and will not collect personal information. Please double-check you are interacting with our official Atomic telegram bot by using the links on this page.
  • Promo starts in June 2023 and runs until the end of August 2023. We reserve the right to extend or cancel the promotion and limit the number of discounts issued per month
  • This promo only applies to home fibre services (FTTH) which we can provide based on our fibre coverage area.