Last updated 09 April 2019.

We try to make all our policies as clear, fair, and readable as possible, with some mild humor thrown in.

Fibre Network SLAs:


  • Support Channels and Contact Details are here
  • We are a founder run business, so we don’t have a 24/7 call centre of people but we try to help as quickly as reasonably possible.
  • Response time: We aim to have you sorted within the same day for most issues. Some issues relating to fibre networks or voodoo related WiFi issues can take longer.
    “We’re sorta like 7-Eleven. We’re not always doing business, but we’re always open.” — Boondock Saints
  • Fibre network operator (FNO) service level agreement (SLA) are covered by their respective SLA – here
  • Routers plugged into the ONT must be configured in “Router” mode and not “Bridge” mode. Routers in “Bridge” mode may be disconnected.
  • We are here to help but you are ultimately responsible for managing, maintaining and administering your own network (everything that comes after the ONT). Please visit our self help docs for common troubleshooting tips.
  • We’ll do our very best to make sure you always have the most epic internet in the galaxy 🖖

Caps, shaping, (Super) Fair Usage Policy

  • To protect the integrity and security of our network we reserve the right to allow access to it.
  • Our bandwidth policy is not set in stone, but if a customer is impacting the integrity of the network we will need to work with the customer to achieve a solution that works for both sides.
  • We aim to always give customers the full burstable capacity of their links, both locally and internationally. Please feel free to use your link’s full capacity for short uploads and downloads. Prolonged international use at high speeds does have a cost impact. If we detect that your usage patterns are expensive, we’ll arrange a meeting and discuss some options on how you can adjust your usage patterns to use off-peak times or we may ask you to pay a bit more so we don’t make a loss.
  • Residential services are sold on a “one line per home” basis and don’t allow aggregation using in-building networks.
  • You are not allowed to share/resell your internet with your neighbours or nearby offices.
  • You are not allowed to run an ISP/WISP using our internet services.
  • Lines may not be used to carry backhaul traffic for other network operators.

FTTB Pricing

  • Our business list prices are based on a standard small and medium size business usage profiles.
  • e.g. 07h00-19h00 usage times.
  • Up to 10 users.
  • Heavy usage profile is quoted to spec.
  • If you get a better quote, please let us know.


  • Most services are provided on a month-to-month basis. Some services have contracts.
  • Services are billed a month in advance.
  • Your first invoice will include any pro rata line rental, your next month line rental, any installation, reconnection and hardware charges at the end of your first month.
  • You are welcome to fill out a non-binding direct debit mandate.
  • If you receive freebies (routers, installation, migration, reconnection etc) and you cancel or downgrade within the first 12 months, you will need to pay for the initial discount I received. e.g. Frogfoot install/migration or Octotel install = R1725 or Octotel migration/reconnect = R862.
  • In most cases billing starts the day after the FNO makes you live. If there are any delays caused by us, then we will not bill you until the day that we have fixed the issue and made sure you are live.
  • If you are the reason you are not able to access the internet, and we have done everything in our power to be able to get you live, we will bill you from the day after the day that we could reasonably have assumed that you could be live.
  • From time to time Fibre Network Operators (FNO’s) will change their pricing, which will impact our prices. We will communicate any changes in pricing to you.

Changes to Services

  • Service Upgrades:
    • Octotel: Upgrades are processed in about 1-2 business days. You will be billed pro rata for difference in cost for the remaining period of the month.
    • Frogfoot: Upgrades are processed in about 1-2 business days. You will be billed pro rata for difference in cost for the remaining period of the month.
  • Service Downgrades:
    • Octotel: If you submit your downgrade request by 14h00 on the 24th of the month (or the previous working day if that falls on a non work day) your line will be downgraded at the end of the same month.
    • Frogfoot: Downgrades on Frogfoot only come into effect once your current month’s service has elapsed. So, if you downgrade on the 12th of the month, your downgrade will only come into effect at the end of the following month.
  • Service Cancellations:
    • Octotel: If you submit your cancellation request by 14h00 on the 24th of the month (or the previous working day if that falls on a non work day) your line will be cancelled at the end of the same month.
    • Frogfoot: Frogfoot requires a full calendar month notice. For example if you give notice on the 15th of March, your service will be cancelled at the end of April.


  • If you choose a PayPlan option an additional R99/month will be added to your monthly invoice, as a PayPlan line item.
  • Your PayPlan Balance will decrease every month with each payment. Your Initial PayPlan Balance and PayPlan Term will be calculated based on your relevant initial setup cost option. Current options are:
    • Octotel Migration or Reconnect: 9 months x R99 = R891 initial balance
    • Frogfoot Migration or Reconnect: 18 months x R99 = R1782 initial balance
    • Octotel or Frogfoot New Installation: 18 months x R99 = R1782 initial balance
    • Vumatel New Installation, Migration or Reconnect: 10 months x R99 = R990 initial balance
  • Early Payplan Service Cancellation
    • Should you need to cancel your service before the completion of the PayPlan Term, you will be billed your total remaining PayPlan Balance on your final invoice – this is calculated by subtracting the total R99/month instalments paid to date, from your original PayPlan Balance. This final invoice must to be paid within the last month of your service with Atomic.