Our Premium Business Fibre Services with Great Pricing

Package Speed Guideline Price Based On Small Office or Usual Corporate Bandwidth Usage
FTTB 10/10 Mbps R1099/month
FTTB 50/50 Mbps R2049/month
FTTB 100/100 Mbps R3169/month
FTTB 200/200 Mbps R4999/month
FTTB 300/300 Mbps R6699/month
Heavy Usage Businesses Please contact us to conduct a bandwidth survey and get a quote.
Please note: FTTB lines come with a 12 month commitment. FTTB services are not allowed to be resold. If you fall outside of a standard usage profile we will need to conduct a bandwidth analysis and quote.

Setup Costs

Set Up Cost Price
Installation Fee
Once off. Brand new installations only.
Migration Fee/Reconnection Fee
Once off. If you've got a working fibre box.

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Please note these prices are for business fibre internet. Click here if you want fibre internet for your home.

Bandwidth on these prices/lines are based on normal small to medium size business use. If you’ve got a large corporate office, or part of your business revolves around uploading/downloading big files, e.g. Film/TV, then we will conduct a bandwidth analysis and quote you.