Business Fibre Internet
Business Fibre Internet

Business Fibre Internet

We've re-designed fibre internet for SMBs and made it epic.🚀  Super fast speeds  ⚡️  Month-to-month Options  🏆🤓  Business-Level SLA  🏎 Quick installation Times 👍

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No crazy 3 year contracts • No auto-renewal clauses

Why Choose Atomic for your business internet?

Wi-Fi options for all budgetsRedundant ISP networkSeamless setup processFair and transparent contractsAffordable Loadshedding solutionsFriendly, Expert and Pro-active Help

Uncapped and Unthrottled speedsFocused service offeringWe are a Fibre-Only ISPFocused Geographic Service Offering - Cape Town OnlyWe have epic Reviews





Always Good Ships 🚀

“We build good ships here; at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good ships.”Collis Potter Huntington

We have built (and are constantly improving) our resilient and galactically fast ISP network while adhering to international best practice standards so that our customers can enjoy excellent speeds, low-latency (both locally and internationally), and have all their systems working optimally.

Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin Certification
NAP Africa
Business Fibre Testimonial Greenbox Design

After feeling extremely frustrated with the internet options available in our area, Nick and his team came to the rescue, and we are finally happy. The biggest plus for us was that the guys at Atomic speak ‘human’ and are always available to help. Nick personally came over to the studio a couple of times and assisted with questions we had. This type of personal service is so few and far between these days. It’s really awesome to feel so well looked after.

Atomic allowed us to explore a truly excellent fibre connection for the first time, leaving us options for upgrades as well as the flexibility to downgrade if needed. The impact on our clients is notable: they are happy and impressed, which is critical as a professional co-working office space. We can recommend Atomic’s fibre services to all local businesses.

After 10 years of establishing co-working spaces in Cape Town and being tasked with supplying fast reliable internet to entrepreneurs, I have experienced the whole gamut of internet service provider issues. I’m glad to say Atomic Access have blasted onto the scene and removed these issues from my vocabulary with their swift service, low barrier to entry in terms of pricing and contracts, and overall super helpful, friendly and just down right human approach to modern man’s most basic need for survival: fast internet that works!

FTTsmB - Making business fibre affordable, accessible and epic!

We've made business fibre affordable, flexible, and epic.Our business fibre packages are designed for small and medium Businesses on Octotel, Frogfoot* and Vumatel*.That's why we're calling it FTTsmB.No crazy contracts, cancellation penalties, or prices that only cater for big corporates.The business environment is constantly changing, your internet service offering should be flexible to help you, not hinder you.Epic business fibre is now within your reach to help your business reach the stars.


Most of our business fibre packages are designed for small to medium-sized businesses, which is why we call them FTTsmB. You will get a business SLA, and business support. However, the availability of coverage of these services is dictated by the fibre network. We will try to put you on the FTTsmB option if it is available at your service address, otherwise, we can quote you on an FTTB service if that is the only available option. We also offer high-usage plans if you have bigger needs than a standard small or medium business.

* Please note: FTTsmB products are only available to small and medium businesses in residential areas and certain business parks. Restrictions on where we can offer these services are dictated by the Fibre Network Operator. We also offer FTTB services, please contact us if you need help determining the packages available to you.

Uncapped FTTsmB Packages
Download / Upload Mbps
ex VAT
Annual Commitment
ex VAT
FTTsmB: 10/10 Mbps
Available on Octotel 🐙
FTTsmB: 20/10 Mbps
Available on Vuma
FTTsmB: 30/30 Mbps
Available on Frogfoot 🐸
FTTsmB: 50/50 Mbps
Available on Octotel 🐙, Frogfoot 🐸 and Vumatel 🐰
Was R2,049/month
FTTsmB: 100/100 Mbps
Available on Octotel 🐙, Frogfoot 🐸 and Vumatel 🐰
R2,199/monthR1,999/month - Epic Deal!
Was R3,169/month
FTTsmB: 200/200 Mbps
Available on Octotel , Frogfoot and Vumatel
Was R4,999/month
FTTsmB: 300/300 Mbps
Available on Octotel Only 🐙
Was R6,699/month
FTTsmB: 500/500 Mbps
Available on Frogfoot only 🐸
Was R9,999/month
FTTsmB: 1000/500 Mbps
Available on Vuma Only 🐰

Prices exclude 15% VAT
NB Fibre Coverage: These services are subject to Fibre Network coverage. Frogfoot FTTsmB packages are available in select business parks, and businesses located residential areas.

Fibre Installation Costs

Once Off Costs
Octotel Installation SpecialFREE Octotel Installation
Was R1,725.00 once-off (Octotel Only)
Frogfoot InstallationFREE Frogfoot Installation
Was R1,725.00 once-off (Frogfoot Only)
Vuma InstallationFREE Vumatel Installation and Activation
Was R1,725.00 + R499 once-off (Vuma Only)
Octotel Migration/ReconnectFREE - Special
Was R750 ex VAT once-off (Octotel only)
Frogfoot Migration/ReconnectFREE on Special
Was R1,725.00 once-off (Frogfoot Only)
Vuma Migration/ReconnectFREE on Special
Was R499 once-off (Vuma Only)


Static IP Address:
- 1 static IP /32 : R49/m inc VAT (R42.61 ex VAT)
- 6 static IPs /29 : R249/m inc VAT (R216.52 ex VAT)
- 14 static IPs /28 : R499/m inc VAT (R433.91 ex VAT)  we will require details on why you need more than 6
VoIP: Ask us about how to get VoIP with your new fibre.

Please note: All our packages are uncapped and unshaped. Super low latency! FTTB lines come with a 12 month commitment unless you choose a month-to-month plans. FTTB services are not allowed to be resold. If you fall outside of a standard bandwidth usage profile let us know and we can quote for extra bandwidth.
View our full terms here.

Prices exclude 15% VAT

Ask Us About IPv6 For Your Business Fibre

Hassle-free, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi that's affordable

End-to-end enterprise Wi-Fi that's hassle-free at a fraction of the cost of traditional "enterprise" business networking.

Own all your equipment and avoid the ongoing license fees associated with traditional enterprise networks. Get the best network for less – setup is done by our in-house qualified Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Administrator.

As an added benefit Atomic customers with Unifi equipment have access to our shared Unifi controller hosted on our core network at Teraco in Cape Town. Avoid the hassle of hosting and maintaining your own controller whilst saving on the cost of hosting or a Cloud Key – from only R99/m.

Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin Certification

Get expert business Wi-Fi and networking from a Ubiquiti Certified Wireless Administrator from Atomic

Get Started 🚀

Before you start you should know a few things.This is for Business Fibre services (FTTB) not home fibre.Got big bandwidth needs? Talk to us, we can help.We are only able to fulfil orders for Cape Town and surrounds currently.We can assist in live or planned Octotel, Frogfoot and Vumatel coverage areas.Full terms are here.

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