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Octotel Fibre

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1 - Decide your Initial Setup Cost option: Month-to-Month or PayPlan

Be Smart

Atomic PayPlan gives you the option pay your initial setup costs over a few months. This is the most fair model we have been able to design after researching various options. PayPlan options are only available on our higher speeds deals, for now.

Why choose a Month-to-Month plan?

⭐️ Lowest monthly fee⭐️ No contract⭐️ FREE router delivery⭐️ FREE account activation

Why choose an Atomic PayPlan?

⭐️ Only an extra R99/m⭐️ 0% interest payment plan⭐️ Low initial setup cost⭐️ Month-to-Month price after contract

Why is Atomic PayPlan fair? 🤔

PayPlan gives you the best of both worlds: low initial cost, but also easy to get out of the contract if you need to.

Pro-Rata Exit: With Atomic PayPlan you only pay your outstanding PayPlan balance if you need to cancel your service early, not a full “claw back” fee which can often be artificially inflated and includes all costs from day one.

Lower Monthly Cost: After your PayPlan balance is zero you are automatically put on the month-to-month plan and your monthly payment drops.

2 - View Packages on the Octotel Fibre Network

🐙 🐸 🐰

Octotel Uncapped Packages
Download / Upload Mbps
Month To Month
No contract
Octo1000: 1000/25 MbpsR1,699/mAvailable
Octo200 Pro: 200/200 MbpsR1,499/mAvailable
Octo200: 200/25 MbpsR1,359/mAvailable
Octo100 Pro: 100/100 MbpsR1,199/mAvailable
Octo100: 100/25 MbpsR989/m Epic Deal!Available
Octo20 Pro: 20/20 MbpsR899/m-
Octo20: 20/5 MbpsR799/m-
Octo10 Pro: 10/10 MbpsR749/m-
Octo10: 10/5 MbpsR669/m-

Setup Costs
Once-Off or Monthly

Month To Month
No contract


New Installation SpecialSpecial ends soon20Mbps lines and above R999 once off
10Mbps lines: R1,699
Add R99/m
18 month commitment
Migration/Reconnect Special
Special ends soon
20Mbps lines and above FREE
10Mbps lines: R799
Add R99/m
9 month commitment
Account Activation FeeFREE
Save R199
Once off
WiFi RoutersSee Options BelowSee Options Below
WiFi Router DeliveryFREE DELIVERY
Save R149
R149 Router Delivery
Once off
Static IP Address: ​​R49/m
VoIP: Ask us about how to get VoIP with your new fibre.
Please note: All our packages are uncapped and unshaped. Super low latency!
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Save up to 20% on your monthly home fibre bill!

Invite your friends to experience epic fibre with Atomic and they'll get a 5% discount while you save up to 20% on your monthly bill.

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3 - Order a Wi-Fi Router or go D.I.Y. Wi-Fi

AirCube ISP: R600 R525

Works well for fibre links up to 50Mbps

Up to 60Mbps over WiFi, great range, free remote support/updates. 

Aesthetically pleasing black cube with LED light strip at the bottom, 2Ghz WiFi 2×2 MIMO 300Mbps or around 60Mbps real world TCP download speeds. Powered by a 2A micro USB (Provided) or alternatively PoE (on request at an additional fee).

We include free setup and remote management on this device while you are an Atomic customer.

AirCube AC: R1475 R1,375

Works well for high speed fibre 100Mbps+

Up to 260Mbps, dual band, great range, free remote support/updates.

Visually identical to the less expensive AirCube ISP but different under the hood. 5Ghz WiFi 2×2 MIMO 867Mbps or around 260Mbps real world TCP download speeds. Powered by an included power supply or for an additional fee can be powered via PoE.

Like the Aircube ISP, we also include free setup and remote management on this device while you are an Atomic customer.

Tenda Nova Lite 2pk: R1,075

Works well for large homes

Up to 94Mbps over WiFi, entry level mesh WiFi.

Tenda’s NOVA lite (MW3) is a 2 Pack, 1200Mbps, dual-band WiFi mesh system designed for 100-200㎡ homes or apartments. Simply and easily configure using the Tenda Mobile App – extendable up to 5 mesh units and up to 20 connected devices. Limited by it’s 100Mbps WAN port, expect up to 94Mbps speed tests.

Want More WiFi Options?

From extendable Mesh WiFi to Ubiquiti Access points we cansuggest the most suitable WiFi solution for your home, fibre lineand budget. Friends help friends have great WiFi.

Terms Summary

  • Promotion is only available on the Octotel Fibre Network. Excludes Frogfoot and Vumatel.
  • Excludes 10/5Mbps and 10/10Mbps Octotel lines.
  • This promotion is for home fibre.
  • If you receive a promotion discount and then cancel or downgrade within the first 12 months you will need to pay for the initial discount received. e.g. Octotel Installation Discount = R726 or Octotel migration/reconnect = R862.

  • Services are billed a month in advance
  • Month-to-month contract, or PayPlan contract to be signed
  • Payments due within 7 days of Invoice Date
  • One line per home
  • Cancellation notice is different for each fibre network. Inform us before 24th of the month to action a change the following month on Octotel
  • Payment via Direct Debit or EFT to bank account on our invoice
  • Pricing subject to fibre network pricing changes
  • View our full terms and conditions

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Before you start you should know a few things.This is for Home Fibre services (FTTH) not business fibre.We are only able to fulfill orders for Cape Town and surrounds currently. Sorry about that. We can assist in live or planned Octotel and Frogfoot coverage areas. Vumatel coming soon.