How Referral Discounts Work

We have various discount tiers offering our customers big discounts for referring friends! Plus, they get to experience our epic fibre service.

When you refer a new customer to Atomic, you will get a 5% discount on your service at the end of the month they are activated, every month they are a live customer. The discounts go up to 20% as outlined below.

  • 1x referral = 5% discount tier
  • 2x referrals = 10% discount tier
  • 3x referrals = 15% discount tier
  • 4x referral = 20% discount tier

Some frequent referral program questions:

What if I order a 2nd service, do I get the 5% discount?
Yes, you will get a 5% discount on whichever of your services costs more, so you get the biggest benefit.

What’s in it for my friend?
Apart from epic service, they will unlock further discounts on installation or migration fees, and further discounted WiFi harder.

Ok, sounds easy enough, how do I join and how do I invite friends?
For now, it’s all manual, so talk to us and make sure we know your friend’s details.

For more information visit ourΒ Triangulate Referral Program Page

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