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Get your Openserve Fibre line reconnected

If you’ve moved into a property where Openserve has previously been installed, then you can turn the connection back on anytime – this is an “Openserve reconnection” on our Fibre Order Form. If all goes smoothly this is normally done within 2-3 business days.

You don’t need to be reconnected at the end of the month, you can reconnect anytime you like and you will be billed pro-rata for the period of the first month your service is live.

There are some caveats to getting online: All the fibre equipment must be in working order, with a power supply and no line breaks. If there is damage or there is missing Fibre equipment, then Openserve will need to come out and do repairs which tend to be resolved in a few business days.

Please note if the previous occupant had an existing service and did not cancel it, we might ask for the page of your lease showing your name and address. We then provide to Openserve so the previous ISP knows that a new occupant needs the service in the property. This can cause a slight delay in activating the fibre service.

You should be able to power on the Fibre CPE device and if you see red lights, or are missing any equipment, please send us a photo prior to placing an order and we will advise on the correct course of action and the timeline.

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