Project WiFi! Our WiFi Consultation Process Explained πŸ€“

We really want all our Fibre Internet customers to have Epic WiFi, so you can enjoy the full speed of your fibre when you need it, with all the benefits of remote support. With a little bit of planning, we can help your Fibre experience be better, and if a problem occurs, we will be able to help resolve issues faster.

If you would like our assistance extending your WiFi, we’d love to help. The process which is outlined below is designed to be as quick as possible so that we can provide you with some options without unnecessary upfront costs and delays.

Before you start please keep in mind:

βœ… There is no cost for the consultation for Atomic customers.
βœ… There is a cost for additional networking hardware and we will ask for your confirmation before proceeding.
βœ… Network cabling is provided by a 3rd party contractor, that will be quoted to you directly – these costs are not part of the Fibre installation and we do not mark up these costs.
βœ… Hardware upgrades go through cycles, so like your mobile phone or laptop, network equipment will go out of date one day.
βœ… There will be many options available to you so please advise us on your budget and how epic you want your WiFi.

What the process looks like πŸš€

1️⃣ Decide on the messaging platform you want to use. Either WhatsApp, Telegram or FB Messenger.
2️⃣ Start a chat with Atomic using the links above.
3️⃣ Send us a video walk-through showing your Fibre ONT/CPE and WiFi router as well as which rooms you need good WiFi in. Please be sure to highlight walls and large or thick objects, as well as plug points in the rooms where better WiFi is needed. If you have a wide-angle option on your phone camera, please try using this.
4️⃣ In some cases our CRM cannot download longer videos via messenger apps, if this happens we might ask you to share the video via WeTransfer to our sales email.
5️⃣ We will thank you for your video and then review your video and remarks. If we have any follow-up questions we will respond via chat.

Bonus points ⭐️

βœ… If you have any conduits or existing cabling, please highlight these. This might make cabling work (if necessary) easier and hidden away. Please note in most cases to make use of conduits there will need a drawstring or an existing cabling that can be used to pull a new cable.
βœ… Please let us know if you want any devices hardwired into the network via Ethernet cable.

Then what happens?

➑️ We will provide some options and the associated costs for any networking hardware.
➑️ If you choose to buy the hardware from us, we will pre-configure everything so it will be plug and play once we deliver it to you. We will be here to help you plug in everything correctly. Hardware will be added to your next Atomic invoice.
➑️ If cabling is needed, we will provide the contact details to the 3rd party cable contractor so they can provide a quote and/or book a time and date to do a site visit and/or the job. Network cabling will be billed directly from the 3rd party contractor. They will plug in and install the equipment and work with us to ensure everything is working before they leave. You are welcome to go DIY with cabling with pre-crimped cabling and a glue gun if you wish.

Final thoughts

πŸ’‘ We will try and recommend devices that are easy to power with a mini DC UPS during Loadshedding, however, some pro-grade devices require more technical backup power options.
🏎 If one of the Atomic team needs to make a site visit, please allow us some time to schedule this.

So if you want to improve your WiFi start a chat on WhatsApp, Telegram or FB Messenger and get the process started.


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