New Frogfoot Packages - From 1 February 2023



From 1 February 2023 🐸  Frogfoot will be changing their line speeds and pricing – that means our packages and pricing will be changing too.

We increased our pricing on certain lines less than Frogfoot’s increases and lowered our higher speed lines (in spite of their increases).

Please note: These changes do not apply to links in the Century City Precinct or 3rd party suppliers. Now for the details…

Frogfoot have given all ISPs notice that they are changing their fibre service offering from 1 February 2023. They have announced price increases on all of their lines and provided speed increases.

We have refactored our pricing to try and soften the impact, and dropped our pricing on the higher speed lines.

Details of the changes can be seen in the table below.

Summary πŸš€

  • There is an entry level 40/10 package that is being introduced, this service will be cheaper than any options that we currently offer.
  • 250/250 (old 200), 500/500, 1000/1000 will all drop in price in spite of the price increases by Frogfoot.
  • Our lower-end line fees will increase in price by less than Frogfoot’s increase.

Changes to line speeds:


We have tried our best to keep any increases as low as possible, the only significant change is the 100/100Mbps (150/150Mbps) line where the line fee is increasing by R100/m. If you’d like to keep your bill the same, we suggest downgrading to the 50/50Mbps (becoming 80/80Mbps) package.

No Action Required 😴

No action is required from your side, just be aware that from 1 February onward the package you originally ordered will change to the new service speed as listed in the table above.

Want to change your line speed? ↕️

Please complete our Change Request form before 14h00 on the 24th January 2023. You will need your Atomic service ID when completing this form. You can find this on your invoice, it starts with β€˜AAA-’.

Thank you for your continued support.

LLAP. πŸ––