New Frogfoot Speeds Coming 1 May 2021



From 1 May 2021 🐸  Frogfoot are changing their line speeds and pricing – that means our deals and pricing will be changing too. Hold onto your hats kids, there’s a new hyperdrive spinning up!

Now for the details . . .

Frogfoot has let us know that they are making adjustments to their home fibre services from 1 May 2021. Don’t worry 😊 there are no price increases but some lines are getting faster. There is also a shorter cancellation notice period, which we’ll discuss below. The upgrading and downgrading process is unchanged.

Frogfoot Speed Changes πŸš€

Frogfoot’s lockdown double up promotion is coming to an end. Some services will get more speed and some will revert back to the original speed as before the double up promo started.


  • 10/10, 20/20 and 50/50 lines get more speed at no cost 😊
  • 100Mbps and up lines will revert to the original speed – no more double up promo πŸ™
  • 100Mbps and 200Mbps plans get a price reduction 😊
  • For pricing visit our Frogfoot Fibre Services page

Full Speed Change Table:

Frogfoot speed changes May 2021

Cancellations Process πŸ›‘

Frogfoot have changed their notice period from 1 full calendar month to 30 days. If you process a cancellation on our website on the 15th of April, your service will be canceled as soon as the 15th of May (if the cancellation is not ordered on a weekend or public holiday).

Upgrades and Downgrade Process ↻

There are no changes to how Frogfoot will handle upgrades. Upgrades are still billed pro-rata for any partial month of an upgrade, or can be ordered for the 1st of the following month. Downgrades come into effect in the following month from ordering.

No Action Required 😴

No action is required from your side, just be aware that from 1 May onward the package you originally ordered will change to the new service speed as listed in the table above.

If you would like to change your current line speed, please complete our Change Request form. You will need your service ID when completing this form. You can find this on your invoice.

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