We are proud to announce the launch of our new Gigabit FTTH services on the Frogfoot and Octotel fibre networks.

These are the fastest home fibre lines available in South Africa today, with the lowest latency, yet very good value, even if you compare the pricing to what people pay for gigabit fibre in America. Our gigabit fibre is available from R1399/m – you would pay around R1200/m for a similar service in the US. Cape Town finally has home internet of comparable price and value!

We also have a limited time special offer for the week of the launch of our new product: our 1Gbps FTTH services come with a free installation if ordered before the end of October 2018.

Atomic is different because it is a founder-run business – we don’t have employees. Everybody you will deal with owns a part of the company. We’re small, we’re focused, we’re fibre only, we’re Cape Town only and we’re only offering services on independent open access fibre networks. Not having any legacy allows us to keep things very simple and lean, and provide great service.

Atomic Access Gigabit Fibre Packages

The table below provides an overview of Atomic’s gigabit home service pricing:

Uncapped, Unshaped Gigabit FTTH on Frogfoot

Monthly Cost

-20% Tier

Leap 1000, 1000/1000 Mbps

Uncapped, Unshaped Gigabit FTTH on Octotel

Monthly Cost

-20% Tier

Warp 1000, 1000/100 Mbps
* Special Offer: Free Install or Migration if ordered before 30 Oct 2018
Learn more about our new Gigabit Home Fibre service.