PayPlan Smart Free Fibre Installation


The fairest and smartest way to lower your up-front fibre costs.

Atomic PayPlan gives you the option pay your initial setup costs over a few months. This is the most fair model we have been able to design after researching various options. PayPlan options are only available on our higher speeds deals, for now.

Why choose a Month-to-Month plan?

⭐️ Lowest monthly fee⭐️ No contract⭐️ FREE router delivery⭐️ FREE account activation

Why choose an Atomic PayPlan?

⭐️ Talk to us about an instalment amount⭐️ 0% interest payment plan⭐️ Low initial setup cost⭐️ Month-to-Month price after contract

Why is Atomic PayPlan fair? 🤔

PayPlan gives you the best of both worlds: low initial cost, but also easy to get out of the contract if you need to.

Pro-Rata Exit: With Atomic PayPlan you only pay your outstanding PayPlan balance if you need to cancel your service early, not a full “claw back” fee which can often be artificially inflated and includes all costs from day one.

Lower Monthly Cost: After your PayPlan balance is zero you are automatically put on the month-to-month plan and your monthly payment drops.

Learn more about our Fibre over Octotel, Frogfoot or Vumatel fibre

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