FTTsmB - Making FTTB affordable, accessible and epic!

FTTB offers the fastest and most reliable internet for your business, but it’s usually very expensive, slow to install, and requires long term contracts.

Atomic FTTsmB is a new category of business fibre: Fibre To The small/medium Business.

FTTsmB has all the benefits you’d expect from an enterprise business fibre service: symmetrical speeds up to 500Mbps and a business level SLA, but designed for SMBs which means great pricing, quick installation times, and month-to-month contract options.

Get enterprise quality fibre internet for your growing business, at a fraction of the price of legacy FTTB. Get epic business fibre from Atomic!

Octotel is one of South Africa’s largest Open Access fibre networks. Octotel’s fibre network provides 1ms latency to Teraco and the NAP Africa exchange. Customers can expect 142ms latency to London. 

Atomic’s business fibre packages are aimed at the small and medium business market, but come with a number of enterprise features: 100% fibre network, with routing redundancy over 4 undersea cable systems and operates a fully dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 network.

“Given the impact of SMBs on the local economy we believe it’s unfair that only big businesses have had access to great internet. These are some of the best value business fibre solutions available in South Africa today. If you are in a live area, we can have your business up and running with our FTTsmB solution in under two weeks.”

Our New Epic Business Fibre Pricing

Uncapped Packages
Download / Upload Mbps
ex VAT
Annual Commitment
ex VAT
FTTB: 10/10 Mbps
Available on Octotel 🐙 and Frogfoot 🐸
R1,199/month ex VATR1,099/month ex VAT
FTTB: 50/50 Mbps
Available on Octotel 🐙 and Frogfoot 🐸
R1,649/month ex VATR1,499/month ex VAT
Was R2,049/month
FTTB: 100/100 Mbps
Available on Octotel 🐙 and Frogfoot 🐸
R2,199/month ex VATR1,999/month ex VAT
Was R3,169/month
FTTB: 200/200 Mbps
Available on Octotel 🐙 and Frogfoot 🐸
R3,249/month ex VATR2,999/month ex VAT
Was R4,999/month
FTTB: 300/300 Mbps
Available on Octotel Only 🐙
R4,299/month ex VATR3,999/month ex VAT
Was R6,699/month
FTTB: 500/500 Mbps
Available on Frogfoot only 🐸
R5,349/month ex VATR4,999/month ex VAT
Was R9,999/month

Setup Costs

Once Off Costs
New InstallationR1,999
once off
Octotel Migration/ReconnectR850
once off on Octotel only
Frogfoot Migration/ReconnectR1,999
once off on Frogfoot only


Static IP Address:
- 1 static IP /32 : R49/m
- 6 static IPs /29 : R249/m
- 14 static IPs /28 : R499/m (we will require details on why you need more than 6)
VoIP: Ask us about how to get VoIP with your new fibre.

Please note: All our packages are uncapped and unshaped. Super low latency! FTTB lines come with a 12 month commitment or in month-to-month plans. FTTB services are not allowed to be resold. If you fall outside of a standard bandwidth usage profile let us know and we can quote for extra bandwidth.
View our full terms here.

Get Business Fibre and Save

Customer Testimonials

After 10 years of establishing co-working spaces in Cape Town and being tasked with supplying fast reliable internet to entrepreneurs, I have experienced the whole gamut of internet service provider issues. I’m glad to say Atomic Access have blasted onto the scene and removed these issues from my vocabulary with their swift service, low barrier to entry in terms of pricing and contracts, and overall super helpful, friendly and just down right human approach to modern man’s most basic need for survival: fast internet that works!

Access to low latency, high-speed fibre internet at an affordable price is essential to start-ups and the SMB market. It opens up a world of online accounting, cloud-based CRM solutions and VoIP at affordable costs. As an accounting firm that focuses on supporting small/medium businesses, we have been very happy with Atomic’s business fibre. It’s very affordable, and extremely well supported by experienced techs that take pride in their network. There are also no lengthy contracts which means you don’t have to stress about a 3-year “marriage” to your ISP. That’s a game changer for us.

After feeling extremely frustrated with the internet options available in our area, Nick and his team came to the rescue, and we are finally happy. The biggest plus for us was that the guys at Atomic speak ‘human’ and are always available to help. Nick personally came over to the studio a couple of times and assisted with questions we had. This type of personal service is so few and far between these days. It’s really awesome to feel so well looked after.

Atomic allowed us to explore a truly excellent fibre connection for the first time, leaving us options for upgrades as well as the flexibility to downgrade if needed. The impact on our clients is notable: they are happy and impressed, which is critical as a professional co-working office space. We can recommend Atomic’s fibre services to all local businesses.