Quick word on Wi-Fi passwords:

It’s highly recommended you have a password on your Wi-Fi network. This helps prevent neighbours from stealing your bandwidth, having your devices publicly accessible to those in the vicinity, or, having hackers use your WiFi to perform malicious activities.

You don’t need to get too creative or hyper secure with home Wi-Fi passwords, all you need to know is WPA2 PSK uses at least 8 characters. Stringing a few words together e.g. epicfibreforfriends is reasonably secure or adding some numbers to memorable words will also help. Typing passwords in on a phone can be difficult, so keep that in mind when adding numbers, symbols and caps to passwords. Normally 3 or 4 words together will be enough and updating your Wi-Fi password from time to time will also help.

Now onto the fun stuff.

We sometimes get asked for ideas on the best Wi-Fi names, so we put together this list of names we’ve come across. We hope it helps you in your quest for the ultimate WiFi name to go with the fibre internet in your home. We’ve also categorised them so your OCD side is happy.

Pop Culture/MEME’s

Pretty Fly for a WiFi
Hide Yo Kids Hide You WiFi (Meme reference)
Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
Wu-Tang Lan

Movies/Movie References

Silence of the LANs
The LAN Before Time
The Banana Stand
LAN Of The Living
Titanic is Syncing
And we shall call it…The LAN (Austin Powers reference)
You Shall Not Password

Play On Famous People’s Names

Vladimir Routin
Martin Router King

Play On Words

LAN of milk and honey
The Promised LAN
It Hurts When IP
High Fibre Diet
Tell my WiFi love her
No Wi-Fi No Cry
That’s what she SSID
Processing, please wait..

You’re being watched πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

SkyNet Global Defense Network
FBI Surveillance Van
CIA Surveillance Van
Mi6 Surveillance Van
Hawks Surveillance Van
SARS Surveillance
SkyNet Global Defense Network

Usefully demeaning

Mom, click here for internet
Use This One Mom




Don’t sleep with my wifi
My WiFi Has a Nice Hot Spot
Router? I hardly know her
2 Girls 1 Router


Use your name or apartment number as the WiFi name and cell number as your password. Guess it does what it says on the tin. NB: Please don’t do this if you need high level of security.

More notes on password security

This advice is not meant to prevent you getting hacked but having a password is recommended and that it doesn’t need to look like x*6Y)974GJQ7=7^3( to be secure. Something to keep in mind is if you have people round they will have to type it into their phone, so don’t make it super crazy unless you intend on SMSing the password to visitors. Any three word combination should be sufficiently safe from people trying to guess your password.