What do the lights on your Fibre box mean πŸ’‘πŸ”΄πŸŸ’

βœ… A quick glance at your fibre box can tell you if you lost connection to the fibre network in your area or if your router is unplugged.
βœ… The most important light is labelled PON or BROADBAND or FX – if this light is red or off your connection to the upstream fibre network is down. This can be caused by a fibre break or the fibre network equipment in your area could have a fault. In some cases, this light will also flash if your fibre signal levels are low.
βœ… The light labelled LAN or ETHERNET will tell you if your router is connected. If there is traffic flowing the light will be flashing. If your router is connecting at 100Mbps and you have a faster line, you need to think about getting a router with a Gigabit WAN port.
βœ… It’s okay to reboot your fibre box anytime you suspect something is could be wrong with your fibre line.
βœ… If you would like a detailed explanation of what your Fibre Box lights mean and what to do, read this helpdoc.

Lights on your Fibre Box CPE/ONT

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