Moving home or office? Here’s how to move your fibre service.

If you are moving property, and want to move your fibre service, this guide explains the process to get set up at your new property.

Good to know: As fibre is a physical cable that connects your property, it’s not possible to move the fibre. Each fibre line is considered a separate “service” so there’s a little bit of admin required in making the move.

What the process looks like

✅ Cancel your existing service
✅ Sign up for a service at your next place
✅ Ask your landlord or the people moving in next to take over your old Atomic service to some discounts

1 – Cancel your existing service

To cancel your existing service use the URL below using the service ID for the address you want to cancel. Find your service ID on your last invoice. 

Notice periods differ between fibre networks so if you want to avoid paying for a notice period that you are not using, let us know as soon as you can and/or get the next tenant/occupant to take over the service.

Cancel your existing service with this link, using your service ID –

2 – Order fibre at your new property

To sign up for a service at your new property please use the standard fibre order forms:

Please keep in mind:

  • If you need help figuring out which Fibre Network is in your new property, please let us know the address and we will check which fibre option you need
  • If there is a Fibre service in the property already, and people are using the line, we will need to sync up the start date with their end date.
  • In some cases, we might need the page of your lease showing your name and address if the previous ISP is not releasing the line in your new property.

Very NB for your current property: Please only take your WiFi router and the router power supply and leave the Fibre Box and the Fibre Box cables and power supply.
Very NB for your next property: In your new place if there is an existing fibre installation please make sure the fibre equipment (ONT, ATB and Power Supply) is on-site is able to power on and is not damaged.

What usually happens is people will remove the power supply, break the fibre or get the equipment covered in paint or dust. Unfortunately, if the equipment is damaged, we will need to arrange a new installation (and there may be costs associated with that).

If you are taking the WiFi router that you used on your previous Atomic service with you, you can just plug your WiFi router in and you will be good to go – no settings changes are required. When the service is activated of course.

3 – Refer the next occupants for discounts

We’re a small business and would love your help in keeping the line on our network. Ask your landlord or the people moving in next to take over your old Atomic service. We have an option on our order form “Taking over from an existing Atomic customer” and it means we can reduce the upfront fees, no early cancellation fees, and a seamless transition making their setup very painless. Furthermore, you’ll also get a 5% discount each month they are a customer.


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