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Switch your Openserve fibre line to Atomic

If you would like to switch your Fibre ISP to Atomic for yourΒ Openserve Fibre line, then look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

  • If you haven’t already you need to give notice to your existing ISP by logging a cancellation with your ISP. Notice periods will differ depending on your contract, but they are normally 1 calendar month.
  • When you have logged your cancellation with your old ISP you should be given a date when your service will end.
  • Once you know when your current service ends please feel free toΒ place an order for an “Openserve Fibre migration”, and let us know the “desired start date”. You are welcome to change the start date with us if things change.
  • You are also able to waive the cooling-off period with your old ISP, but you would then pay us the pro-rata amount for the remainder of the notice period, in addition to whatever remains from your old ISP.
  • Please provide us with B-number on your Fibre Box, so that we can process the order.
  • Your old previous ISP must just do a Release Ownership order on the B-number that is associated with your Fibre line.
  • When the migration takes place you will get an email and SMS from us the moment this happens, so you are not left guessing. At this point, you will need to either:
    • Update your router WAN/Internet PPPoE configuration, which we will supply to you beforehand. We put together some common router settings and login details here:
    • Or plug in the router that we supply then you will be good to go
  • Please note: We will supply your new PPPoE details ahead of time, and Openserve has a grace period where the fibre line is kept active after your old service is cancelled, so there should be no downtime, except for the time it takes to update your PPPoE details in your router.

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