How to set up your router to work with Atomic Fibre Internet! ๐Ÿš€

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Before we start please note:
On Octotel, Frogfoot and Vumatelย we use DHCP/Dynamic IP
On Openserve we have to use PPPoE

Get your router set up for Atomic.

  • Your routerโ€™s WAN (or Internet) settings needs to be set to:
    • Octotel+Frogfoot+Vumatel = Automatic (or DHCP or Dynamic IP). Different router manufacturers use different terms so look out for the appropriate setting that looks right. If you know how to log into your router and itโ€™s set to PPPoE, thatโ€™s the place to change it.
    • Openserve = PPPoE – we will supply you with new PPPoE details when you join Atomic.
  • You might also need to restart the ONT and Router.
  • Please ensure you plug the ethernet from the ONT into the WAN port of your router (normally a different colour). If you plug the ethernet from the fibre ONT into another port the router normally turns into “bridge mode” meaning each device will get a public IP address which is not ideal, plus you will be using more IP addresses than are allocated to you by default. We regularly monitor customers’ IP space usage, if we suspect your router is bridged we will get in touch with you.

How to log into your router

Firstly connect to your WiFi network or plug into your router directly using an Ethernet Cable.

Depending on the make and model of your router you will then need to log in to the router. For your convenience, we have put together the list of common router vendors with their default usernames and passwords.

Want to enable IPv6?

Read our in-depth guide on how to enable IPv6 on your router.

Openserve Customers:

Please note you will need to input PPPoE details into the WAN settings of your router. We will supply these. If you struggle, please contact us.

Router Login URLs

BrandURL and SettingsDefault UsernameDefault Password
TP-Link Quick Setup โ†’ WAN Link Type โ†’ Dynamic IP OR Go into โ€œNetworkโ€ settings โ†’ โ€œWANโ€ settings โ†’ WAN connection type โ†’ Dynamic IP โ†’ Saveadminadmin
TP-Link Deco MeshYou will need to log into the router using the "TP-Link Deco" app from the iOS or Google Play store. If the device was previously set up you will need the TP-Link login details.
Tenda AC Internet Settings โ†’ DHCPadmin
Tenda NovaTenda Nova Mesh systems come with an app and it's not possible to configure via the browser. Download the app for iOS/Apple or Android and take control of the router after you joined the Nova WiFi (details are on the bottom of the primary Nova). Read our full instructions to set up a Tenda Nova Mesh kit here.--
Join your WiFi or plug in via LAN cable and go to the following address in your browser:
or The default IP address may also be printed on the back of the router. ย Or lastly: Find the "Default gateway IP" in your computer settings

Option 1:ย 
WAN Interface Edit:
โ†’Mode: Routing
โ†’Encapsulation: IPoE
โ†’IP Address: Obtain an IP Address Automatically
Option 2:ย 
Go to the menu icon in the top right of the screen โ†’ Network Settings โ†’ Broadband โ†’ ETHWAN -> Modify (on the right) โ†’ Encapsulation: IPoE โ†’ After saving you should be connected
*Fun fact IPoE = DHCP

**Most customers have had to reset their Zyxel router to successfully connect to the internet.
admin (or on the bottom of your router)
D-Link admin or Adminblank or admin
D-Link dir-825http://
Press "Start" โ†’ Select "Yes" for English โ†’ Select "Continue" for Wizard โ†’ Device Mode, Connection method choose "Wired Connection" โ†’ Work mode "Router", press Next โ†’ Select "Dynamic IPv4" Leave Clone MAC and use VLAN blank. Press "Next" โ†’ Update your WiFi settings as you prefer โ†’ The rest of the settings you can keep pressing next โ†’ Change your router password if you want โ†’ Summary page press "Apply" โ†’ Finish. You should be able to join your new WiFi now
(or look at the sticker at the bottom of the device)
Apple Airport Extreme
Applications โ†’ Airport Utility
Internet โ†’ Connect Using โ†’ DHCP
Network โ†’ Router Mode โ†’DHCP and NAT (DHCP Range should look like to
*If you are locked out here areย 
details on how to reset
Ubiquiti AirCube192.168.1.1
It is safe to ignore the security warning
ubntBottom of device labeled "PSWD"
MikroTik hAP
If you canโ€™t access this URL device administration is blocked and needs to be reset. To reset google "reset procedure for {model number}", as each Mikrotik router model has a different reset procedure.
MikroTik hAP acยฒ
If you canโ€™t access this URL device administration is blocked and needs to be reset. To reset the MikroTik hAP acยฒ watch our quick how-to guide here:

Login URL IP address should be listed on the label on the bottom of the device.

Network>WAN Settings: Enter "Dynamic IP" for Octotel/Frogfoot/Vuma or "PPPoE" for Openserve.

Network>DHCP Server, ensure DHCP Server is switched on.


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