Get a static IP address for your Fibre Internet

We offer the option to subscribe to get a static IP address, or multiple static IP addresses, on our Home and Business Fibre Internet services on Octotel, Frogfoot, Vumatel and Openserve. The methods to implement a static IP can be different depending on which network you are on, which we will explain below, and will provide specific guidance when you order static IP space from us.

Static IP addresses are assigned from a different IP pool than our dynamic IP pool and the static IP address (or IP space if you need more than 1 static IP) is reserved just for your service.

⚠️ If you have not ordered a Static IP address, never set your router to static IP without our configs.

Static IP address options (IPv4)

  • 1 static IP /32
  • 6 static IPs /29
  • 14 static IPs /28

Pricing is on the relevant fibre network page, and on the change request form.

Your router will always be assigned the same IP address by our DHCP server based on your router MAC address. Please note this is slightly different for Vumatel Active Ethernet customers, but the setup is mostly the same.

Order a static IP address

Please use our change request form to order a static IP address. You will need your service ID and your router MAC address.


  • If you move FNO you might not be able to keep the same static IP address
  • IP Space is linked to a single fibre service, it is not possible to use /29 or /28 across multiple sites/services
  • If you change your router, please let our support team know, as we will need to update the MAC address the static IP is bound to in our configs

If you would like to know more about IPv6, please see our IPv6 help doc:

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