Switch your Vumatel fibre line to Atomic

If you would like to switch your Fibre ISP to Atomic for your Vumate Fibre line, then look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

  • If you haven’t already you need to give notice to your existing ISP by logging a cancellation with your ISP. Notice periods will differ depending on your contract, but they are normally 1 calendar month.
  • When you have logged your cancellation with your old ISP you should be given a date when your service will end.
  • Once you know when your current service ends please feel free to place an order for a Vumatel Fibre migration, and let us know the “desired start date”. You are welcome to change the start date with us if things change.
  • Very NB: The single most important thing is to ensure your old ISP logs the cancellation in Vumatel’s portal. It’s a good idea to get written confirmation that they have done this. If they don’t, Vumatel will not process the migration, your old ISP will turn off your service and you’ll be stuck without a connection.
  • With Octotel here is a mandatory minimum wait of a 24 hour wait period, which does not include weekends, from when we order the migration with Octotel and when Octotel will allow the migration. This is the absolute minimum time an Octotel migration can take.
  • When the migration takes place we will try to inform you as soon as possible via email and SMS, but you might know before we do. Once the migration takes place you will need to either:

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