Launching Gigabit Fibre Internet

Gigabit Home Fibre Internet23 October 2018 We are proud to announce the launch of our new Gigabit FTTH services on the Frogfoot and Octotel fibre networks.These are the fastest home fibre lines available in South Africa today, with the lowest latency, yet very good value, even if you…

Ultimate Guide To Home Fibre Internet

Ultimate Guide To Fibre Internet

Finally… Everything you ever needed to know about getting the best home Fibre Internet in South Africa, in one ultimate guide. Read more ?

WiFi Education Featured

Wifi For Home Fibre Internet

🚀 Is your Wi-Fi slowing down your Fibre experience? 🐢Last update: 1 February 2022 Bad wifi irritates everyone and makes your Fibre Internet seem much slower than it is, but it’s not difficult to get it right. Why WiFi is like HiFi: A simple way to think about wifi network…


Fibre or Fiber?

Today's Internet Spelling Bee When it comes to how to spell the super fast, non copper, non wireless kind if internet, in South Africa it's Fibre Internet. TL/DR Wait. But why? Way back in the 19th century Americans moved for a distinctly American version of English. Meanwhile, at the same time, many British linguists preferred to spell words that…