Gigabit Speed Tests πŸš€

If you are Gigabit Fibre customer and are struggling to achieve fast speeds, you’re at the right place. This guide will explain what to expect and how to go about determining if there is a problem.

How to test your Gigabit Fibre service 🚦

⚠️ Browser speed tests often become unreliable above 300Mbps, and a lot of the speed test servers only have a 1Gbps connections. So not all speed tests are created equal.

βœ… Using a Gigabit LAN port and Cat5/Cat6 Ethernet cable (latest generation), plug a laptop or desktop directly into your fibre box. Your Fibre Box will look like one on this help doc.

βœ… Install the app (not a website test) on your laptop or desktop and run a few tests. Select a server in Cape Town. Try a few different servers.

βœ… If you have a fast computer, you can also test with: (website test).

Try run the tests in peak and off-peak times (before 5pm is off-peak). Keep an eye on your device’s CPU while you are running the tests to ensure your laptop/desktop is not saturating its CPU.

πŸ€“ If you want to take your testing to the next level, consider our iPerf testing process.

Speeds to Expect 🏁

  • Web based speed test: around 800Mbps – not a very accurate test
  • desktop app: around 900Mbps – more accurate test
  • iPerf3: up to about 950Mbps should be possible on a healthy line – accurate test