🧐 What do the lights on your Frogfoot Fibre Box Mean?

If you’ve ever wondered what the lights on your Frogfoot Fibre Box mean, what is normal, and what indicates a fault, we’ve outlined everything below. This includes what the lights should be in normal operation, when there is a fault, and what to do.

Frogfoot ONT Lights Explained – Calix ONTs
Frogfoot Fibre ONT
🐸 Frogfoot Indicator Meaning Action Steps
POWER 🟒 Green: ONT has power No action required
Off Off: No power Check your ONT is plugged in and getting mains/UPS power
BROADBAND 🟒 Green: Normal No action required
Flashing Green/Red: Not able to establish a stable connection Re-seat the thin green fibre plug to the ONT to ensure it’s connected securely. If problems persist contact support.
Off Off: Fibre Fault Restart ONT, and check thin fibre cable is not kinked. If it stays off contact support.
SERVICE 🟒 Green: ISP Service is up No action required
Off Off: No connection Restart ONT, if it stays off, contact support to create a support ticket
ETHERNET 🟒 Green Blinking: Data flowing No action required
Off Off: No data connection Check network cable between ONT and WiFi router is clicked in and the WiFi router is powered on.

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