If you are experiencing internet problems, like slow, intermittent or no internet please complete the following standard troubleshooting steps:

Step 1

Check if there are maintenance events or outages that might affect your line on status.atomicaccess.co.za. You can also check your FNO status page: Octotel Status, Frogfoot Status, Vumatel Status

Step 2

Reboot your router and fibre box (ONT/CPE) and check they have stable power. Check your cabling and power adapters. Make sure everything is “clicked” into place and your fibre patch cable is not kinked or wound too tightly. Vumatel Active Ethernet customers should leave the CPE powered off for 5min.

Step 3

Check if the lights on your fibre box (ONT/CPE) show an active fibre connection:

  • Green ‘PON’ light for Octotel
  • Green ‘Broadband’ light for Frogfoot
  • Green ‘F’ or Orange ‘FX’ light for Vumatel
  • Green ‘PON’ or similar for Openserve

Step 4

Connect a laptop directly to your fibre box (ONT) with an Ethernet cable and test your speeds at: http://speedtest.co.za – this test will rule out problems with Wi-Fi. Make sure all VPN services are disabled. Check that your laptop has a Gigabit Ethernet port – or else you will see speeds below 100Mbps.

Openserve fibre customers can test with a laptop connected to the router or configure a PPPoE login on their laptop.

If you still have internet problems, please email us the following:

  • Photo of your fibre box lights, clearly showing the PON or Broadband or F/FX light
  • Screenshot or photo of your speed test result (from speedtest.co.za)
  • Details of which fibre network you are on, and your general location
  • Summary of the problem, for example: “download speeds are slow in the evenings, but seem fine in the day” or “After Loadshedding I often notice the following problem…”
  • Email to: support@atomicaccess.co.za

Suspect a Wi-Fi problem?

Have a look at this guide: Wi-Fi First Aid

Bonus Steps

  • You can also check your neighbourhood/community chat group to see if your neighbours are noticing a similar problem.
  • If you don’t yet have a DC UPS to power your router and fibre box, please consider getting one. Read: Fibre During Loadshedding
  • Get alerts and join our Community Group if you are interested in following more technical discussions related to network outages.
  • If your DC UPS is more than 18 months old and you suspect power problems, please consider replacing it.