If you are experiencing internet problems, like slow, intermittent or no internet please complete the following standard troubleshooting steps:

Step 1

Check if there are maintenance events or outages that might affect your line on status.atomicaccess.co.za. You can also check your FNO status page: Octotel Status, Frogfoot Status, Vumatel Status

Step 2

Reboot your router and fibre box (ONT/CPE). Check your cabling and power adapters. Make sure everything is “clicked” into place and your fibre patch cable is not kinked or wound too tightly.

Step 3

Check if the lights on your fibre box (ONT/CPE) show an active fibre connection:

  • Green ‘PON’ light for Octotel
  • Green ‘Broadband’ light for Frogfoot
  • Green ‘F’ or Orange ‘FX’ light for Vumatel
  • Green ‘PON’ or similar for Openserve

Step 4

Connect a laptop directly to your fibre box (ONT) with an Ethernet cable and test your speeds at: http://speedtest.co.za – this test will rule out problems with Wi-Fi. Make sure all VPN services are disabled. Check that your laptop has a Gigabit Ethernet port – or else you will see speeds below 100Mbps.

Openserve fibre customers can test with a laptop connected to the router or configure a PPPoE login on their laptop.

If you still have internet problems, please email us the following:

  • Screenshot or photo of your speed test result (from speedtest.co.za)
  • Photo of your fibre box lights, clearly showing the PON or Broadband or F/FX light
  • Details of which fibre network you are on, and your general location
  • Summary of the problem, for example: “download speeds are slow in the evenings, but seem fine in the day” or “After Loadshedding I often notice the following problem…”

Wi-Fi problem?

Have a look at this guide: Wi-Fi First Aid

Bonus Steps

  • You can also check your neighbourhood/community chat group to see if your neighbours are noticing a similar problem.
  • If you don’t yet have a DC UPS to power your router and fibre box, please consider getting one. Read: Fibre During Loadshedding

Get Alerts

If the above steps do not resolve your problem, there might be an outage affecting your fibre service. Please take a look at our alerts channels. We keep our customers updated as quickly as we can through the alerts channels.

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